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About Canada Shipment加拿大订单

Hi Dear customers,

We will accept orders from Canada from the middle of February when our new seeds arrive. The shipping cost for any order will be 14 dollars which is the minimum charge of USPS first class mail. We will not ship wok to Canada because shipping is very expensive.

Thank you very much.

Best regards



关于加拿大的订单,二月中旬新种子到了以后,我们会重新接受加拿大的种子订单。一个订单的运费是14美元,这是USPS first class mail收取的最低的费用。我们的锅和工具不会发往加拿大因为运费实在太贵了。敬请谅解。




18 thoughts on “About Canada Shipment加拿大订单

  1. Hi Regine,

    1. Your shipping costs to Canada is 12 USD and the same 12 USD to anywhere in the U.S.A. (I’m in Florida)?
    2. Does it cost 12 USD to ship 4 items, and the same 12 USD to ship 20 items?

    Thanking you for a clarification.

  2. $5 in US for any seed order.

  3. Hi Regine, does it still cost 12 usd if I want to order 50 packages to Canada? Or the more I order, the more shopping cost? Thanks!

  4. It will still cost $12. We will pay the extra cost if shipping costs more than $12.

  5. 有沒有韮菜種子

  6. 韭菜下周就有了。

  7. 你好,请问新种子什么时候上架?谢谢!

  8. 就这两天了,正在办理清关,海关一放行就可以拉回仓库。

  9. 兔妈好,请问这次会有苦瓜种子吗?我天天打开你的网站看,就想要苦瓜和丝瓜种子。

  10. When will be available the seeds that still out of stock.

  11. 在清关了,海关有点慢,估计要下周才会放行了。

  12. We are clearing customs right now. It is not for sure but we are expecting the shipment arriving next week.

  13. 种子到了嗎

  14. What is the shipping fee for the seeds order to N.J.? Thank you.

  15. $5 for seed order in US.

  16. 还在等海关放行。比预期晚了几天,明后天应该有消息了。

  17. How does shipping work?
    My order says it’s 14$ shipping, do I pay it all & then you’ll refund the extra 2$ to make it back to 12$ of shipping ?

  18. Hi,
    USPS has raised the shipping price to Canada. I modified it from $12 to $14 to reflect the cost change.

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