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Dear customers,

Thank you very much for shopping in our store and supporting our small business. All our seeds are tested for germination and performance in our farm. We guarantee what we sell are what we grow and show in our videos. However it is very normal when you use our seeds and encounter issues such as germination, growth, flowering, fruiting etc. due to vegetables variation, growing conditions’ difference and personal skills/experience limits. If you have questions regarding to our seeds, please fill out the forms bellow and include as much information as possible so we can work together to solve the problems. We have great confidence with our seed. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience to help you grow more and better vegetables. Due to limited time we have, emails with no details will not be replied. Thanks for your understanding.

Other questions, please email to

We will reply your email in 1~2 business days. PS we have seen Hotmail, QQ may reject our system emails. If you have Gmail or other popular mailbox, please use them.

亲爱的菜友, 感谢光顾我们的种子店。我们所有的种子都有定期测试发芽率,并在我们的小农场里测试品种的表现。我们视频里所展示的品种就是我们出售的种子。然而受蔬菜品种差异,种植环境条件和种植者水平的影响,种植的过程中碰到各种各样的问题,这是很正常的。如果您对我们的蔬菜种子有疑问,请填写下面的表格,提供尽可能详细的信息,我们可以一起找出解决问题的方法。我们对我们种子的质量非常有信心,也很愿意分享我们的知识和经验,帮助您种更多更好的蔬菜。由于个人精力有限,对于没有任何详情的邮件,我们就无法回复了。谢谢您的理解。



另外,一些小众的邮箱和中国的邮箱(比如hotmail, qq等)可能会拒收我们的系统邮件。用Gmail等大众的邮箱问题少些。