Winged Bean, Purple Dragon


10 粒每包   10 seeds/pack


推荐:北方的朋友选紫花褐种早熟品种(Early Dragon),早熟,对长日照不敏感。

To germinate the seeds, scrape the seed coat open, soak in water for 8~12 hours, wash well, wrap in a wet paper towel, put in a plastic bag. At a warm place (75~85F) to germinate until seeds sprout then transfer in soil. Environment temperature should be warmer than 50 F( lowest temperature shouldn’t be less than 50F)

Recommendation: If you are in an area with short growing seasons, please consider Early Dragon instead, which fruits earlier and is day-light neutral.

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这是非常罕见的紫花紫荚四棱豆品种,是我们自己菜地里收的,数量很少。比 Early Dragon晚熟,比 Long Dragon稍微早熟一些,长日照会使花期推迟(从播种到开花预计在70~90天)。豆荚可达到一尺长度,全身深紫油亮,非常漂亮。嫩豆荚口感清脆,比绿色品种的味道稍微浓郁些。


This purple long bean is very rare variety. We collect the seeds from our garden and we have very limited quantity. It is later matured than Early Dragon, but earlier than Long Dragon. Long day light will delay its flowering time ( about 70~90 days from sowing to fruiting). The pods can be grown up to 1 ft long with beautiful dark shining purple color all over. Young pods are crispy and have more flavor than the green pods.

We collected these seeds in our garden this year, they are absolutely fresh and alive.  However it is quite challenging to grow winged bean in cooler area and for new beginners. So please double think before you make your purchase. Thanks.


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紫花褐种, 白花黄种, 特长褐种