Winged Bean, Early Dragon


15 粒每包   15 seeds/pack


To germinate the seeds, scrape the seed coat open, soak in water for 8~12 hours, wash well, wrap in a wet paper towel, put in a plastic bag. At a warm place (75~85F) to germinate until seeds sprout then transfer in soil. Environment temperature should be warmer than 50 F( lowest temperature shouldn’t be less than 50F)


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Early Dragon is early maturing variety. It is daylight neutral so will flower in summer as well, heavier flowering and fruiting in Spring and Autumn. About 60 days from sowing to fruiting. It has light purple flower, green pods, medium length (0.5~1 ft long). Bean pods are with consistent shape, very good looking. Very productive. It can be grown for multiple batches in the south where growing season is longer. Young pods are crispy and delicious.  Winged beans’ young leaves, flowers, young pods and tubers are all edible. It is considered as one of the most nutritious vegetables.  Check out our YouTube videos for our recommendations on starting and growing winged beans in your garden, and pruning your winged bean plants for highest productivity.  Also known as cigarillas, goa bean, four-angled bean, four-cornered bean, manila bean, princess bean, star bean, kamrangi bean, dragon pea, and dragon bean.






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紫花褐种, 白花黄种, 特长褐种