Green Bean Super Stringless

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Pack ~ 30 seeds/每包约30粒。


This variety of green bean is medium maturing. Climbing plant is vigorous. Leaves are dark green, wide and thick. Main vine branches well and can grow 5~6 side vines. Side vines can fruit well too. White flowers start from the 3~4th leaves. Each set of flowers can grow 3~6 pods. Young pod can grow up to 35 cm long, very tender, solid and stringless. 65~70 days from sowing to first pick.


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Weight 18 g

1 review for Green Bean Super Stringless

  1. Harriet Chen (verified owner)

    Grew this bean spring 2020 in May. Direct sow, germination rate is high. Strong plant with lots of side vines. I grew 3 different beans, this is the latest flowering and maturing. It worked out well so that I have continuous bean supply whole summer. No disease or pest issue. I am in Maryland Zone 7a. The harvest season could extend longer in warmer area.

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