Pea Shoots


Now available in two pack sizes!


This variety of pea is grown for its delicious and tender pea shoots. Harvest the young shoots and leaves at the top of the plants. Pick shoots regularly will help to develop more young shoots for long time. Young shoots can be used in stir-frying and soup as green. Very delicious. Well swelled pods can be harvested for the green peas. Plant grows fast, about 25 days from sowing to first pick. Good resistance to cold and disease, very productive.  Check out our YouTube videos for starting pea seeds, growing snow pea shoots, as well as other beans & peas varieties we offer on this site.  Also known as Hạt đậu, mga buto ng gisantes, pucuk kacang, エンドウ豆の芽 (Endō mame no me), หน่อถั่ว (H̄ǹx t̄hạ̀w), मटर की पत्तियां (matar kee pattiyaan).


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Weight 18 g
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~50 seeds, ~250 seeds