Green Bean Golden Hook


Pack ~ 20 seeds/每包约20粒。

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Golden Hook bean is a premium variety among green beans. They have a thin outer skin with a light yellow color when pods are young, and then develop full and round seeds inside with beautiful red stripes outside. The beans inside are plump, and the pods have a hooked tip. No matter young or old pods, Golden Hook will not develop fibers in the pods. Golden Hook bean is a high-quality type of green beans, rich in nutritional value. They are particularly abundant in various amino acids, with an exceptionally high protein content, 2-4 times that of vegetables like cabbage, chili peppers, and tomatoes. The entire bean, including the pod, can be eaten if it’s not too old. If the beans are very mature, you can simply eat the bean seeds alone. After stewing, Golden Hook beans turn a golden color throughout, with a delicate and soft texture that appeals to both young and old alike.  Check out our YouTube videos for how to grow vining beans in your garden and using a trellis in your garden, building a two bar EMT conduit trellis, and suggestions for trellising your vining vegetable plants.


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