Winged Bean, Long Dragon


10 粒每包  10 seeds/pack



To germinate the seeds, scrape the seed coat open, soak in water for 8~12 hours, wash well, wrap in a wet paper towel, put in a plastic bag. At a warm place (75~85F) to germinate until seeds sprout then transfer in soil. Environment temperature should be warmer than 50 F( lowest temperature shouldn’t be less than 50F)

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This is a white flower, brown seed, extra long variety, very rare. Medium to late maturing(about 80~90 days from sowing to fruiting). Long Dragon grows very long bean pods (up to 2 ft), green color. Young pods are tender and crispy. Super productive.

Winged bean seed is hard to germinate, requires a warm climate, and takes a long time to grow and fruit (> 3months). We (and our customers) have seen a lot of failures in the past. If you are in an area with cooler weather or do not have much experience, please double think before you make purchase.

We collected these seeds in our garden this year, they are absolutely fresh and alive. Thanks.  See also Winged Bean, Purple Dragon


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紫花褐种, 白花黄种, 特长褐种