Green Bean 9 Seeds King


Pack ~ 25 seeds/每包约25粒。

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Early-maturing and high-yielding, the Nine-seeds white pods green bean is suitable for cultivation in cool and mild climates. The plants grow vigorously, reaching a height of over 2 meters. The seeds are brown, and the pod-setting rate is high. The pods are cylindrical, white-green, and about 23 centimeters long. The leaves are deep green, and the flowers are white. The first flower cluster appears at nodes 2-3, bearing 4 pods with extremely high yields. The time from sowing to harvest is around 55 days, and it has strong disease resistance.

When the Nine-Grain White bean pods are young, they are light green, turning white and plump as they mature. The fiber in the pods is maninly on both sides and can be easily pulled out. The beans themselves have minimal fiber, making them resistant to aging. They have a soft and delicate texture after fully cooked, a rich bean aroma, and are an outstanding variety of yardlong beans. Highly recommended!

Check out our YouTube videos for how to grow vining beans in your garden and using a trellis in your garden, building a two bar EMT conduit trellis, and suggestions for trellising your vining vegetable plants.

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