Green Bean Green Dragon II

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Pack ~ 30 seeds/每包约30粒。


This green bean is new flat pod variety. Vining plant. Bean pod is dark green, wide and flat which can grow up to 33cm long and 2.5 cm wide. About 48 days from sprout to first pick. Bean is uniformed from early stage to later stage. Crispy, tender and fiber-less. Great quality.


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Weight 18 g

8 reviews for Green Bean Green Dragon II

  1. Queena Phung (verified owner)

    My family loves this type of bean but they seldom sold in the supermarkets. I Had been looking for the seeds for a while and I was so happy to find the seeds here. They are good quality seeds. I direct sowed the seeds in my raised beds , and they all germinated well. I had my first harvest few weeks ago. They are so good! I shared my first harvest with my mom since these are her favorite beans. She was super happy. Thank you, Regine!

  2. che (verified owner)

    I was sooo happy to find this bean, my favorite!!
    Started to harvest right now!

  3. Laura Easterling

    Very early, vigorous, pods are big, juicy and tender even when mature. Heavy producer all season.

  4. ningting57 (verified owner)


  5. Shuming (verified owner)


  6. Katie (verified owner)

    Very prolific. Harvesting beans every day. Plenty of beans to share with family and friends. Highly recommended.

  7. Alli (verified owner)

    Growing for first time in Richmond VA. The 2023 season was unusually cool all of may and June, quite dry, then super hot and loads of rain all July. These plants are vigorous and the beans stay tender to a remarkably huge size. We have never tried this flat shape of green beans before, but we love them, we boil them in salted water, and serve with a little bit of butter. They are sweet and flavorful with tender texture and no strings. will definitely plant these again as our climate is really unforgiving, and they have done well in a variety of conditions so far this year.

  8. Vivian (verified owner)

    去年秋天买的种子,因为看到早熟,48天结果。今年5月中直播地里。我在北方地区,5B区,大概60天结果。令人惊喜,豆子又长又宽。产量不错。种下12棵。6月底开始挂果,现在8月初,已经收获5公斤。还留了不少豆荚做种子。豆子嫩的时候摘很脆嫩。一不留神稍微晚点摘豆荚变老了,但是很香的芸豆味道。还有一个优点似乎日本甲虫对它的叶子不感兴趣。我同时还种下了无筋架豆-B030,在您这里一起买的种子。略晚熟一点,大概70天结果。叶子被金龟子叮得千疮百孔,产量不及这种扁架豆的4分之一。去年种的9粒白架豆super9 味道也超级棒,但是也遭受金龟子叮咬严重 以致后期产量有限。这种芸豆结豆早,产量高,不招虫,口味好,强烈推荐!谢谢兔妈!

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