Green Bean Green Dragon

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Pack ~ 30 seeds/每包约30粒。

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This variety of green bean is early maturing. Climbing vines are vigorous. very productive. Bean is 30~35 cm long and 2.5~3 cm wide. Stringless and tender, great quality. Strong stress and cold resistance.


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2 reviews for Green Bean Green Dragon

  1. Queena Phung (verified owner)

    My family loves this type of bean but they seldom sold in the supermarkets. I Had been looking for the seeds for a while and I was so happy to find the seeds here. They are good quality seeds. I direct sowed the seeds in my raised beds , and they all germinated well. I had my first harvest few weeks ago. They are so good! I shared my first harvest with my mom since these are her favorite beans. She was super happy. Thank you, Regine!

  2. che (verified owner)

    I was sooo happy to find this bean, my favorite!!
    Started to harvest right now!

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