Long Bean Summer Treasure


Pack ~ 50 seeds/每包约50粒。

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This variety of long yard bean is early-medium maturing, for spring cropping, about 60 days from sowing to first pick, for summer cropping, about 40 days. Climbing vines bear slim leaves. It starts to bear white-purple flowers from about the forth leaves. Bean is 60cm length and 1cm diameter with light green color. Bean pods are meaty, stringless, tender, aging slowly, very delicious.

Check out our YouTube videos for how to start long bean seeds, how to grow long beans in your garden as well as using a trellis in your garden, building a two bar EMT conduit trellis, and suggestions for trellising your vining vegetable plants.

早中熟,植株叶片小,节位低,蔓生,主蔓第四节开始着生花序,花紫白色, 荚长 60cm左右,横茎1cm,青白色,种子肾形,红褐色,春播至初收60天左右,夏播 至初收 40天左右,延续采收20天左右。肉厚,纤维少,不宜老化,品质优。播种期2-9月,宜密植基肥要多用有机肥和磷肥。苗期注意控氮,防止徒长。

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