Chinese Cabbage Jin Napa 56


Pack ~ 500 seeds/每包约500粒


For beginners: For early spring cropping, cabbage may bolt early due to vernalization



Jin Napa 56 is early maturing Chinese cabbage, suitable for autumn cropping. About 50~60 days from sowing to harvesting.Head is long cylinder shape. Plant is ~47 cm tall, 60cm wide, to form ~40 cm tall head, weighs 2.0~2.5 kg. Plant is upright, with dark green leaves, yellow inner leaves, tight. It resists to bolting and diseases. Very good quality.

该品种为秋早熟品种, 生育期5060天。为花心中高桩白麻叶类型,球形近似直筒型株高47厘米左右,球高40厘米左右,开展度60厘米左右,单株重2.02.5kg左右株形直立外叶深绿色,心叶黄色,中肋白色,结球紧实,早熟性强,同时具有较强的冬性,耐抽薹性强。抗病毒病和霜霉病。品质好,商品性状好。

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