Chinese Cabbage Genius 80


Pack ~ 500 seeds/每包约500粒


For beginners: For early spring cropping, cabbage may bolt early due to vernalization


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Plant is ~52 cm tall, ~66 cm wide. Head is ~40 cm tall, ~15 cm diameter. Dark green outer leaves, which are wrinkle and fuzzyless. Head is tight with yellow inside, weighs ~3.5 kg. Medium maturity, 60~70 days from sowing to harvesting. Very high quality.  Check out our YouTube video for growing Chinese cabbage, as well as other cabbage varieties we offer on this site.  Also known as bắp cải Trung Quốc, repolyo ng Tsino, kubis Cina, Hakusai, กะหล่ำปลีจีน Kah̄l̀ả plī cīn, चीनी गोभी cheenee gobhee.

叶球为直筒叠抱,株高52cm ,株展66cm ,球高40cm,球径15cm .




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