Chinese Cabbage Jin Napa 50


Pack ~ 500 seeds/每包约500粒


For beginners: For early spring cropping, cabbage may bolt early due to vernalization



Jin Napan 50 is a hybrid Chinese Cabbage. Plant is short cylinder shape, about 50~55 days from sowing to harvest. Plant is ~35cm tall, semi-upright, green outer leaves. Head is ~27 cm tall, white green to white color. Little fiber, crispy and sweet when raw, tender after cooked. Great quality,

Fast growing. Resist to high heat and humidity. Can still form head at temperature up to 35 . Great resistance to disease and virus.

该品种为耐热结球白菜一代杂交种。 植株为矮桩头球类型,早熟种,生育期50-55天,单株重1.5kg左右。株高35厘米左右,球高27厘米左右,株形半直立,外叶绿色,中肋白色球顶叠抱,生长速度快,球形整齐美观。耐热、耐湿,35高温下正常结球。抗霜霉病,软腐病和病毒病。商品品质和口感品质均好,粗纤维含量少,生食口感甜脆,熟食易烂

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