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About Order Status/关于订单状态的声明

Here is our procedure for processing orders:

  1. Once your order is payed, system will send order details to your mail address. This is an auto mail so your mailbox may categorize it into Spam/Junk…. So please double check;
  2. We will pack the seeds and arrange shipment in 1~2 business days. However we have received several times orders compared to what we usually get, some of the orders may takes 3 business days to process;
  3. Once order is sent out, system will send shipping information including tracking to your mail address. You may need to check spam/junk files in case your mail box put our system mails in there;
  4. We ship seed with USPS first class in yellow bubble envelope. Usually it takes 3~4 business days to arrive if you are in US, it takes up to 10 business day in Canada. Considering current crisis, it may be longer. Please check the tracking we send to you for details.

We are working overtime to process orders so gardeners can receive their orders soon. We cannot get somebody in our house to help with orders due to COVID 19. Questions regarding to what vegetables to grow, how to grow, gardening questions will not be answered at this time. I apologize. There are hundreds videos available on our YouTube Chanel Asian Garden 2 Table and 种菜的兔妈. Use searching function on YouTube to find the topics your are interested.

Our seed package has growing temperature/product description/simple planting guide on it. Especially growing temperature, it will help you to choose the best time to grow in your area. Here is a link to our video on choosing growing season for your vegetables: English version and 中文版本. Please check them out. They are really useful.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

Stay safe.






第四,我们用美国邮政fiirst class邮寄种子,装在黄色泡泡信封里。美国境内一般3~4个工作日到达,加拿大可能要10个工作日;现在非常时期,个别包裹要慢一些。请大家理解,这是美国邮政的标准速度,我们也不可能“要求”他们“快点”的。

我们现在加班加点的处理订单,这是我们一年中最最最忙的时段,一般也只有一两个月的时间。因为疫情,我们没法从外面请人来帮忙,所以真的是时间有限。今年有很多新手客户,咨询了如何选购蔬菜,什么时候种,怎么种的问题,这些问题不是两三句话就能讲清楚的,所以请原谅我们暂时回答不了。我们油管上有几百个视频,很多蔬菜的种植方法都有介绍:Asian Garden 2 Table种菜的兔妈。进入我们的频道以后,搜索你感兴趣的蔬菜名(蔬菜名和我们网站用的名字是一致的)。我们往下还会制作更多视频。

我们种子的包装上有种植温度/品种简介/种植方法简介。特别是种植温度,可以帮助你根据本地气候选择种植季节。我们有中英文视频介绍用种植温度选择种植季节:English version中文版本。这个视频真的很有用,凝结了我多年来的种植经验。学会的这个方法,基本上什么蔬菜都能应用上,选好种植季节,就成功了一半了。




28 thoughts on “About Order Status/关于订单状态的声明

  1. Hi: I ordered 2 types of cucumber seeds last year. I think they were Jin#3 and Jin#5. Not 100%sure. However, one of the type gave me Many curved cucumbers with big head narrow tail. I am trying to avoid this type of cucumber this year. Do you have any idea which one I should avoid? Or which one you would recommend? Thanks!

  2. 請問 Green Onion Ishikura Improved 剪了以後會再繼續長嗎? 還是一棵䓤只能收一次? 如果會再長它能過冬明年再發嗎? 我現在有㮔叫‘北蔥’的就能夠剪了再長,可過冬再發,唯一的缺點是為了讓它不停的長,所以幾乎沒有蔥白,這就是為什麼前幾天訂了 Green Onion Ishikura Improved 就是看上它的葱白。



  3. 不管什么葱,都可以割了以后再长出来,只要保留完整的根部。

  4. Un-uniform shape of cucumber could be caused by different factors (weather, disease, insects, plant conditions etc.). These two varieties are very similar. It will be better if you have pictures.

  5. 我下了订单。 你如果还没邮递出来的话, 我还可以再加订韭菜吗?

  6. 请发邮件到

  7. Hi your 13 inches wok has 2 choices. One for gas and one for electric. I have glass top electric inside my house (it’s not the induction one) and gas burner outdoor. Which 13 inches wok should I order? I am a beginner with wok. Thanks.

  8. The 13″ electric/induction cooktop wok can be used on gas top. So it fits your case better.

  9. I need to update a address before the order ships out.

  10. Thanks Regine. Another question, do you have kangkung/Ong Choi/Ung Choi/ Chinese Watercress seeds? I couldn’t find them on your website.

  11. Please email to with details. Thank you.

  12. Water spinach is listed as invasive plant so it is illegal to sell it and grow it in US.

  13. 请问怎么没有扁豆的种子卖了?以前好像见到过,最近想买没找到了。

  14. 兔媽您好,我觀看了您的視頻,也跟您買了些菜籽來種,關於育苗澆可溶性肥料,我還是想請問您一下,多久可以澆一次可溶性肥料呢?我澆過一次,還想再繼續供給肥料,密西根要到五月才能種下土,我想給苗兒們長得更健壯些,先謝謝您

  15. 您好 我的种子还没有快递单号,也没有收到。请问您发货了吗?

  16. I just submitted my order. But I found I made some mistakes in the order. Is it possible to cancel the order? And I would like to re-submit the new one. My order number is 2915. Thanks.

  17. I will cancel this order and refund it for you.
    Please let me know if any questions.

  18. 请给我的邮箱发个邮件,注明订单号,我得查看一下。

  19. 一般一两个星期浇一次可溶性肥,如果浓度低的话也可以增加次数。没有特定的标准的。

  20. 现在没有,我们正准备从国内进口扁豆种子,国内的品种是专门作为蔬菜用的。

  21. Hi,
    I placed an order on 4/11, I did get shipping confirmation email from WooCommerce Store with a tracking number. However, following the tracking number to USPS it says: April 14, 2020 at 5:53 pm
    Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Post Office
    Which is not the shipping address I gave in the order. The order number is #2580, can you check what is going on with my order?


  22. Hi Winnie,
    I checked with USPS because other customers from this batch have similar problem. USPS made a mistake when scanning the packages. So the tracking information was messed up but the packaged went out as usual. You should receive your package by the end of this week. IF not please send me email:
    Sorry for the confusion.

  23. 你好,请问有荠菜种子吗?我没有搜索到。如果现在没有是否以后会补给。谢谢!

  24. 这个没有唉,我看看下次进货能不能带一些。

  25. I placed a order on 4/21 and i didn’t get a confirmation email. I’ve checked all the folders and didn’t have any good luck.
    The paid price is 20.92 and is paid through Amex credit card. Could you please help me check the order and resend the confirmation via email?

  26. Hi Jing,
    Please send email to us:
    I will need more information in order to look up.

  27. Hi Regine,
    Spring is almost over. What should I plant for summer? We’re in a dry desert of New Mexico. My raised bed garden is small only 6×6 feet.

    Right now I am planting bokchoi and choysim I bought from you and although your seeds is good, they grow really small here because of the dry climate here. The soils are well prepared with organic compost we’ve collected for these few years. But nonetheless I am very happy and maybe will be able to eat them for the first time next week.

    So please educate me on what seeds should I buy to grow this summer. We love green leaf vegetables a lot.

    I also need to buy your metal spatula and strainer but the strainer is not sold separately?

    Thanks so much.

  28. Hi Harni,
    It seems the growing season is not right.
    If you would send me an email with pictures of the plants and your zip code. I will look it up for you.
    My email:

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