Pumpkin Bei Bei


Pkt is ~ 15 seeds/每包约15粒


Beibei pumpkin is an extremely early-maturing variety with strong plant growth and easy fruit setting. Each plant can produce 5-8 large fruits, with an average weight of 500-700g. The fruits can be harvested around 35 days after flowering, and each female flower grows every 3-4 nodes, resulting in high yield. The skin is blackish green with light green stripes, and the fruit is flattened and round, weighing around 400g, with uniform and neat appearance. The flesh is thick with a small cavity, powdery and sweet, with a strong chestnut flavor, and a moderate sugar content. The skin is shiny blackish green when immature and turns black when ripe, while the flesh is orange-yellow, and the quality is exceptional.



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Weight 5 g