Bottle Gourd Thickset

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Pack is ~ 25 seeds/每包约25粒


This is early maturing bottle gourd. Side vine fruiting. Fruit is dark green, long cylinder shape, ~ 50cm long, ~5cm diameter, 0.5~1kg weight. Great quality. Heavy fruiting from beginning. Great option for areas with short growing season, or for gardeners who want to have early harvesting.


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Weight 5 g

1 review for Bottle Gourd Thickset

  1. Nathan Roberts

    This thick set bottle gourd performed very well for us. We are growing in Portland Oregon. As advertised they set fruit early in the season. They have produced well. Lots of fruits. We did find we need to hand pollinate. Our pollinators are not very active at night when the flowers are open. Hand pollinating in the evening is a fun thing to do in the garden so we didn’t mind.

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