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This variety of bottle gourd is early maturing. It grows vivid vines with a lot of female flowers. Heavy fruiting. Fruit is short sylinder shape, shining green color and white flesh. Tender and sweet, very delicious.

植株生长强健,较耐白粉病和枯萎病,早熟,雌性强,结果能力强,适收时皮色油绿带光泽,长约25cm左右,横径9-10cm,单果重0.7-1kg,收货后期 瓜条稍长,果实细嫩,脆甜可口,符合东南亚等国市场的要求,故又名出口短身瓤瓜,中国大陆南部春、夏、秋均可种植,种植最大地区是广东、福建 、广西、湖南。

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