Melon Honey King


Pkt is ~ 25 seeds/每包约25粒

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This hybrid Honey Melon (Hamigua) has strong and healthy plant growth with thick stems and large leaves. It is resistant to wilt and powdery mildew and is suitable for cultivation in early spring and autumn in various regions. Its entire growth cycle is around 85-100 days, and the fruit development period is around 45-50 days. The fruit is oval-shaped with dark green skin and orange-red flesh that is juicy, crispy, and sweet with a light fragrance. The central refractometric sugar content is around 17%, and the sugar gradient near the heart is small. Each fruit weighs between 2 to 3.8 kg and is not easily detached or cracked. It has good storage and transportation properties and is an excellent variety of honey melon.



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