Melon Sweet Crescent


Pkt is ~ 60 seeds/每包约60粒


The Horned Melon, also known as the Kiwano, is a type of fruit. It has a long cone-shaped body with one end being larger than the other, resembling a horn, hence the name Horned Melon. It’s an early to mid-season variety with a strong growth habit and female flowers that are densely packed on the secondary vines. When ripe, the fruit turns a grayish-white color and takes around 28 days to mature. The flesh is green with orange-yellow pulp, and the fruit is about 25 centimeters long, weighing around 1.2-2.3 pounds each, with a sweet and crispy texture. The flesh is around 2 centimeters thick, high-yielding, and has strong disease resistance.



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Weight 4.5 g


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