Fuzzy Melon Maya #1


Pkt is 25 seeds/每包25粒

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This hybrid fuzzy melon is early maturing. Plant is vivid and resists to diseases. The first female flower starts at 6~8th leaf. Fruit is easy to set. Fruit is long cylinder shape with round ends, 40~45cm long, 8~10cm in diameter. Very uniformed. Green skin with white spots. Matured fruit will be coated with white powder. Young fruit weighs 0.6~1kg, Matured fruit weighs ~3kg. Flesh is fine, crispy with nice sweetness. Can harvest both young and old fruits. Very productive.


Please aware that winter/fuzzy melon is one of the most difficult seeds to germinate. Typical germination rate starts from 65% depending on germination method and varieties. Please strictly follow our instruction (temperature is critical). Once seeds germinate, they are easy to grow like other gourds.  Check out our YouTube videos for suggestions on germinating gourd seeds, and how to grow winter melon in your garden, and a simple recipe our kids love!


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