Fuzzy Melon Maya #1


Pkt is 25 seeds/每包25粒


This hybrid fuzzy melon is early maturing. Plant is vivid and resists to diseases. The first female flower starts at 6~8th leaf. Fruit is easy to set. Fruit is long cylinder shape with round ends, 40~45cm long, 8~10cm in diameter. Very uniformed. Green skin with white spots. Matured fruit will be coated with white powder. Young fruit weighs 0.6~1kg, Matured fruit weighs ~3kg. Flesh is fine, crispy with nice sweetness. Can harvest both young and old fruits. Very productive.


Please aware that winter/fuzzy melon is one of the most difficult seeds to germinate. Typical germination rate starts from 65% depending on germination method and varieties. Please strictly follow our instruction (temperature is critical). Once seeds germinate, they are easy to grow like other gourds.


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Weight 5 g


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