Cucumber Snowy #8

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Pkt is ~ 25 seeds/每包约25粒


This cucumber has light green stem, grows fast. Fruiting starts from the 3rd to 5th leaf, and after that almost every leaf has flowers. Fruit is ~30cm long, long cylindrical shape. Light green skin. Skin is thicker than fruity cucumber so it maintains its quality longer after picked. Flesh is crispy and delicious.




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Weight 4.5 g

1 review for Cucumber Snowy #8

  1. Harriet Chen (verified owner)

    This cucumber produces very early. In Maryland zone 7a, I put the seedlings out Mid-May and started harvest late June. Short plant with very few side vine. Good candidate for growing in pot. Next year I will plant them closer together. That way I can fit more plants in the same space.
    Fruit is sweet and crispy, meaty with small seed cavity. Highly recommend.

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