Bittermelon Pearl


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This variety of bitter melon is very productive. Climbing plant is vigorous and branches well. It can fruit well on both main and side vines and produce continually. Fruit is long cylinder shape, 22~38cm long with 6~7 cm diameter and weighs 400~800 g. Skin is green color with beautiful warts. Thick flesh is tender and relishing with light bitterness. Adapt to varied climate conditions.

Bitter Melon, also known as Momordica charantia (M. charantia), karela, balsam pear, or bitter gourd, is a popular plant used for the treating of diabetes-related conditions amongst the indigenous populations of Asia, South America, India, the Caribbean and East Africa. Its fruit has a distinguishing bitter taste, which is more pronounced as it ripens, hence the name bitter melon or bitter gourd. Biochemical and animal model experiments have produced abundant data and hypotheses accounting for the anti-diabetic effect. (cited from NIH).

Check out our YouTube videos for suggestions on how to prepare and germinate bitter melon seeds, and how to prune and maintain bitter melon vines in your garden!


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