Winter Melon Spring Green

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Pkt is 25 seeds/每包约25粒。


This variety is easier to germinate. Recommended for beginners. Please follow germination instructions.


This is early maturing small winter melon. Mainly main vine fruiting, starting from 4~7th leaf, and continue to grow female flowers in every 2~4 leaves. Fruit is long cylinder shape, ~27cm long, ~12cm diameter, 2.5kg weight. Green fuzzy skin with light yellow spots. Flesh is tender, juicy and refreshing. Great quality.



This variety is easier to germinate. Recommended for beginners.

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Weight 5 g

1 review for Winter Melon Spring Green

  1. Bailian (verified owner)

    Successfully harvested 9 large melons from 3 vines, ranging from 5-8 kg each, larger than expected. These vines were trellised, requiring strong support for the heavy fruit. The flesh of the mature melon was dense, fragrant and snowy white. Planning to eat them gradually during the winter months!

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