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About International Shipping关于美国之外的订单

Dear customers,

Thank you very much for supporting our business.

We have found that orders sent out of US get delayed on its way due to current crisis. So we have decided to stop taking orders from outside of US (mainly Canada). Orders have not been sent out will be refunded. If orders on their way do not make into Canada after one week will also be refunded. We will take the loss of packages and shipping cost.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.




最近我们发现发往加拿大的订单出现了不同寻常的延迟。因为疫情的缘故,物流受到了影响。因此 我们决定暂时停止接收国外的订单(主要是加拿大)。已经提交,但是还没有发出的订单将取消并如数退款。已经发出去,但是从今天起到一个星期后,如果包裹还没有进入加拿大,那么,我们也会如数退款。包裹及其邮寄产生的损失,我们来承担。



34 thoughts on “About International Shipping关于美国之外的订单

  1. Regina

    I choose some items anscwanba check out , delivery to Canada Ontario, Georgina L4p0g5
    But there is shown no shipping details , please help and advise

  2. Right now we do not accept orders from Canada due to shipping delay from US to Canada.
    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. i saw a video talking about Ivy Gourd that you guys selling, but in the web site, i didn’t see any link for that. Are you selling Ivy Gourd vine cuttings?

  4. Sorry we do not sell Tindora seedlings.

  5. 你好 我4月17号的订单 现在没有收到任何信息

  6. 请把订单号发邮件到

  7. Hello!兔妈:
    我四月初订了些seeds。今天突然想起来还没收到。我在美国的。可以帮忙查一下吗?我登不上my account maybe is my email : lindamao10
    Thank you!

  8. 兔妈好!两个星期前很惊喜地发现了你种菜、做菜的视频和你们的网站,太喜欢了!每天再忙都要抽时间看一会儿,简直相见恨晚。

  9. Linda你好,

  10. 毛豆现在没有哎,以后看看能不能进过来。

  11. This is my order number WC-3845. I ordered seeds on May 4, still don’t have them. Did you send them out already?


  12. sorry to inform you guys
    my order received and planted out about half of the seeds
    waited week and half and nothing happen, then to proceed and plant again
    all but one seed sprout, all 99.999% did not germinate
    vegetables. squash. gourds, beans –zero sprout
    I am a seasoned gardener and know a little bit of the techniques, gardening 5 acres with fruit trees

    order 3443 4/26/2020

  13. 你好,我想买点中国的黄瓜种子,超市只有美国种子卖,从youtube过来惊喜地发现这儿jin开头的好像是天津的黄瓜,但是都没有description。 请问jin#1,jin#3,jin#5具体是什么品种呢,jin#1是津研1号还是津优1号还是津别的什么1号?我百度了津开头的黄瓜有津研津优津春津杂,每种都有非常多的号,看晕了。求解答,谢谢!

  14. Hi,
    I am sorry to hear that. Please send details to email Please include what seeds you tried to grow and how you grow them.
    I look through your order. You have bought 1 x luffa, 1 x winter melon, 1x bottle gourd which require some technics to germinate before planting.
    I did not see any beans in your order.
    Please if you have any questions, send us details or we will not be able to figure out what went wrong.

  15. 这三种都是天津黄瓜,具体的名字每个种子公司的称谓都不一样,品种的特点很类似,你选哪一个都可以的。

  16. Regine,

    I live in Seattle area, a Fudanner, and have been trying your seeds for years. In the past I had a good luck with planting winter melon in planter on my balcony, the most sunny part of my home. The variety I purchased from you was the small elongated and early mature type. This year, however, I do not see that same variety of winter melon on offer, so I opted to purchase F062 Wintermelon Early Round thinking it would be the similar one to what I had before. To my disappointment, no seeds have germinated after two batches of attempt in last few weeks. Could you please share with me the particular specifics in seed germination of this wintermelon. I have new raised beds now, so I really want to give my wintermelon a try in the real world instead of in planter. I watched nearly all of your video, and have not found any tips on germinating winterlemon seeds. Thanks.

  17. 你好, 请问可以寄来关岛吗(Guam), US Territory. 早上发的留言不知道怎么没看到了

  18. 你好!我在你们公司已经买过两次种子了,种出的菜苗也已经有20公分高了,谢谢你们。

  19. 已经退回去了,请查收。

  20. 可以寄的。我查看一下设定哦。

  21. I ordered Long bean long king but they did not come in my last order. Arre you out of them?


  22. Could you please email to me with order number?

  23. Where do you locate in the US?

  24. 你好! 请问关岛还是不能邮寄吗?我有发了好几封邮件询问资讯,但是都没有得到回复?

  25. We are located in Saint Petersburg Florida

  26. Ann你好,

  27. Hi,
    I have a question regarding my Bok Choy. The flower came out before the leave grew big.
    I live in new York. Is it the weather or not the right time to plant the Bok Choy?

    Thank you

  28. If you are growing Bok Choy in Spring time, low temperature(<55F) at early stage will make it bolt earlier, which is very common for Brassica vegetables. It is call 春化作用(vernalization). You should start the seedlings in greenhouse or wait for the weather to warm up.

  29. Hi Regina,

    I just placed an order today, but I want to add more products, is there a way that you can merge the shipping? Thank you in advance!

  30. Hi Qing Hua,
    Could you send me email and let me know what seed you want to add to which order?

  31. 你好兔妈,我查到我的order is completed.的状态。为什么我没收到快递单号的邮件呢?因为第一次购买,不是很清。我已查阅我的垃圾邮件和广告邮件,都没有。我的地址在美国,麻烦你查一下。谢谢你了!

  32. 你发邮件给我吧

  33. hi,
    我的留言怎么没了, 九粒白种子的问题。 6245 is the order number. please let me know.

  34. Hi Linda,
    Please send us email:
    We would like to understand how you start the seed, direct sowing or paper towel method, temperature and how you water them etc..

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