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This pumpkin is early to medium maturity. It has good resistance to heat and high  humidity, great resistance to diseases. Plant is vivid with great branching ability. It can bear 2~4 fruits at the same time on a single plant. Fruit is ~22~25 cm long, 13~15cm diameter.  About 90~100 days from sowing to harvest.  Matured fruit has orange yellow skin with dark green stripes. Dense orange flesh. It has very rich taro-like fragrance, sweet and very delicious.

Check out our YouTube videos for suggestions on how to grow Chinese pumpkin, and using a trellis to grow pumpkins in your garden!

香芋南瓜是中早熟品种、喜温的短日照植物,耐热,耐湿能力强抗病性强,植株长势旺盛,分枝能力强,容易结瓜。瓜葫芦形,长22~25 cm,横径13~15 cm。单株可同时结2~5 个成品瓜,单瓜重1.5~2.0 kg,生长周期90~100 天。成熟瓜皮橙黄色,有深绿色花纹,肉质致密,味香,具有浓郁的香芋味。

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