Quick Choy Jin Bao


Pack ~ 500 seeds/每包约500粒

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Hybrid non-heading quick choy. Great quality with nice flavor and fragrance. Stem is green, thick with little fiber. Leaf is round, wide and smooth. Fast and vivid growing. Harvest starts in 20 days from sowing. It can be picked from baby green to full size plant. It is tolerant to cold and hot climate. Late bolting. Can be grown all seasons in tropical and sub-tropical areas.  Check out our YouTube video for growing quick choy, as well as other quick choy varieties we offer on this site.  Also known as chọn nhanh, mabilis choy, cepat choy, ชอยด่วน (Chxy d̀wn), त्वरित चॉय (tvarit choy).


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