Mustard Phoenix


Pack ~ 1000 seeds/每包约1000粒

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This special leafy mustard variety is similar to Xuelihong. It has finely but shallower serrated dark green leaves. Plants grow to about30~35 cm tall, 50 ~60 cm wide and produce tight clusters of long oval shape dark green leaves. It is widely used for pickling to produce beautiful golden yellow, tender and delicious product. It likes  cool weather and tolerate to cold. Easy to grow and super productive.  Check out our YouTube videos for how to grow leafy mustard in your home garden.

主要性状:植物半开展,株高30-35cm,开展度50cm 60cm。分蘖性较强,分蘖数20个左右。叶片倒卵圆形,长28-32cm,宽10-15cm,绿色。叶片浅裂,叶面微皱。叶柄浅绿,长6.8cm,宽2.1cm,横断面半圆形。单株重200-400g。早熟,播种至收获80天。耐寒,抗芜菁花叶病毒病。品质柔嫩,味鲜美,为加工之珍品。

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