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A mid-early, large-fruited honeydew melon, with a total growth period of 80-95 days, and approximately 38 days from fruit setting to maturity. The plants have vigorous growth, with leaves in the middle, and long vines. They exhibit strong disease resistance, with fruit setting on secondary or tertiary vines. The fruits are short oval-shaped, with a milky white-greenish skin that does not detach from the stem. The flesh is white, thick, crisp, sweet, and has a strong aroma. The sugar content in the center ranges from 16% to 20%. The seed cavity is relatively small, resulting in a high edible portion. Each melon weighs between 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms, with a maximum of 3 kilograms. It has good storage and transportation durability, making it a high-quality product.

中早熟大果型洋香瓜,全生育期80-95天,座瓜至成熟38天左右,植株生长较旺,叶片中,蔓长,抗病性强,子蔓或孙蔓结瓜,果实短椭圆形,果皮乳白色,果柄不脱落,果肉白绿色,肉厚脆甜香味浓,心糖含量16 20%,种腔较小,可食率高,单瓜重1.5- -2.5kg,最大3kg,耐贮耐运,商品性好


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