Medium Spicy Pepper Fu Beauty


Pack ~ 50 seeds/每包约50粒。


For beginners: Pepper needs some skills and patience to germinate( refer to growing chart). pay attention to temperature and time.


Fu Beauty is medium spicy yellow green pepper. Early to medium maturity. Vivid growing and a heavy fruiter. It has great tolerance to hot and humid conditions, resists to diseases. Fruit is 22~26cm long, 3.0~4.0 cm diameter, 90~110g weight. Yellow green skin, straight, uniformed shape makes this better very good looking type.


● 早中熟,生长势强,座果率高,高抗病害,耐热耐湿,抗逆性强。

● 果长22~26cm,果粗3.0~4.0cm,单果重90~110g,辣味适中。

● 果色黄绿,果光滑顺直,果肉厚,商品性好。

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Weight 3 g


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