Luffa Green Pioneer


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This variety of smooth luffa has bright, shining green skin. Nice sweetness and great fragrance. Plant is vivid and branches well. Both main and side vines can fruit, starting from 8th ~10th leaves. Fruit is about 32cm, 5~5.5 diameter, 400~500g weight. Great for stir-frying and soup. Sweet, refreshing and delicious.

Check out our YouTube videos for suggestions on on germinating gourd seeds, and maintaining healthy productive luffa plants in your garden!

介于肉丝瓜和线丝瓜之间的类型,植株蔓性,分枝力较强,主侧蔓结瓜。熟性早,8-10节位开始结瓜。瓜条长32厘米左右,横径5- 5.5厘米,单瓜重400- 500克。瓜条匀称,顺直,蒂小,表皮青绿,亮丽,果型好,蜡粉不明显。节间较短,结瓜多,转批快。肉质细嫩、鲜美,适合小炒和煮汤。汤汁乳白,香鲜可口,甜糯,品质极佳。

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