Bok Choy Dark Rose


Pack ~ 1000 seeds/每包约1000粒

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This Bok Choy variety is upright, ~25 cm tall, ~34 cm wide. Round leaf is dark green with light green petiole. Great texture and flavor with nice sweetness. It like mild and cool weather, hot and dry weather may compromise its quality.

植株直立,较束腰,株高25cm,开展度34cm。叶片广卵圆或近圆形,长21cm,宽18.6cm,叶片深绿,叶柄厚、淡绿色。收获时单株叶片数16片,重500-700g。口感极佳,糯性好,微甜、无渣。主要栽培措施:撒播,用种量0.5-1kg/667㎡(亩)。秋季栽培气候适宜,25-30天可采收菜秧,冬春栽培则需50-60天。移栽或留苗株行距20cm 20cm,秋季30天可采收大菜。

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