Winged Bean Yellow seeded

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Pack ~ 15 seeds/每包约15粒。

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Winged bean is also known as Asparagus pea, Winged pea, Four Angled bean, Manila bean, Princess bean, and Dragon bean. Almost every part of this tropical plant is edible: The beans (used as a vegetable), the leaves (cooked like spinach), the roots (similar to potato), and the dried seeds (used for flour). Winged bean has great heath benefits. It contains highest plant proteins, rich vitamins and mineral.

Winged bean originate from tropical areas, requires warm climate, the best growing temperature is 68~78 F. Winged bean is short day plant, long day light will delay its flowering and fruiting and encourage more vines and leaves.

Yellow seeded variety is medium maturity. About 85 days from sowing to fruiting. Flower is white. Pod is about 20~25 cm long. Very productive.





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1 review for Winged Bean Yellow seeded

  1. Chave

    Hello I live in alaska and I saw some of your videos planting vegetables and this winged bean I would like to ask if you have the non-gmo seed for winged bean? Thank you and God bless! P.s the rate is for the video

    • Regine

      I don’t believe there is GMO winged bean.
      This winged bean is open pollinated.

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