Spicy Pepper Long Glory


Pack ~ 50 seeds/每包约50粒。


For beginners: Pepper needs some skills and patience to germinate( refer to growing chart). pay attention to temperature and time.

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This variety of chili pepper is early to medium maturing. It grows vigorous and productive. Fruit is 23~30 cm length and 1.2~1.5 cm diameter. It can fruit continually and consistently up to 6 months. It can fruit in humid and hot climate well. Skin is thin and slightly wrinkled with intense spiciness. Multiple usage: green for fresh cooking, red for pickling/sausing, dry for preserving or powdering.

早中熟、长势旺盛,特别耐湿,特耐高温,采收期特别长。(长达6个月) 特高产品种,前后期果型一致,青果绿色,微皱,皮薄,香辣味浓,品质佳,果长23~30cm,果粗1.2~1.5cm,前期采青椒,后期采红椒或作干椒均可,为国内独创采收期最长的品种。

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