Pumpkin Huluwa

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Pkt is 15 seeds/每包约15粒。


Hybrid small Chinese pumpkin variety. It is early maturing. Medium growth with smaller leaves. It produces a lot of female flowers and can fruit continually. One plant can bear 4~5 fruits at the same time. Its thick and dry yellow flesh has a very sweet nutty flavor. Great quality. Single fruit is 1.2~1.5 kg.


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Weight 5 g

2 reviews for Pumpkin Huluwa

  1. Harriet Chen (verified owner)

    I grew 3 Plants 2021, plants are healthy no disease problem. Flower, fruit and mature early. Produce 10-15 fruits each plant. Fruit quality is quite good, not watery.

  2. Chris Guerrero (verified owner)

    Grew the Huluwa last summer in my tropical environment and it excelled in the worst conditions. Drought resistant, insect resistant, productive, and a joy to grow. It was not sensitive to neglect and fruited for me regardless of no irrigation or fertilization provided. I will always grow Huluwa in my garden from now on. Thank you for the seeds!

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