Luffa Fruiting Beauty


Pkt is 20 seeds/每包约20粒

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This variety of luffa is similar to Early Beauty. It can fruit on both main and side vines, very productive. Fruit has tender and thick flesh. Skin is coated with white wax. Provide sufficiant fertilizer and prune properly. This luffa can produce fruits heavily.

本品种和Early Beauty类似。蔓不粗,叶不大,节节有靓丝瓜,像黄瓜一样搭架栽培,座瓜多,提早上市。该品种肉质增厚,果皮有蜡粉,硬度加强,产量增加,保护地栽培或露地栽培都容易获得丰产。

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