Green Onion King Long


Pack is ~500 seeds/每包约500粒

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Very famous Zhangqiu green onions have a slightly mild spicy taste with a hint of sweetness and a crispy and delicious texture.  Zhangqiu green onions can be summarized in four words: tall, long, crispy, and sweet. “Tall” refers to the fact that the plants are tall, earning the nickname “the king of green onions.” “Long” refers to the long and straight white bulbs, which are typically around 50-60 centimeters long (the longest can be around 80 centimeters), 3-4 centimeters in diameter, and weigh around 1000 grams per plant (some can weigh over 1.5 kilograms). “Crispy” refers to the tender and crispy texture of Zhangqiu green onions. “Sweet” refers to the delicious and fragrant taste of the white bulbs, which are rarely spicy and are perfect for raw consumption, but also taste great when cooked.  The large white bulbs can be easily stored for a long time.

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