Cucumber Green Tiger


Pkt is ~ 25 seeds/每包约25粒


This cucumber variety is non-bitter and extremely early maturing. The first female flower appears on the 3rd or 4th node, with a female flower rate of over 95%, showing strong female characteristics. The main fruit is produced on the main vine, and it takes about 53 days from early spring sowing to the first harvest. The plant has strong fruit-setting ability, with 3-4 fruits growing on each plant at the same time. The color of the fruit is white with green stripes, and it has small, sparse, and white prickles. The straight and symmetrical fruit is approximately 20-24 cm long, 3.2-4 cm in diameter, and weighs around 200-260 grams. The fruit is nearly cylindrical in shape, ensuring good consistency and appearance. The fruit has good quality, with a crispy and juicy texture, a strong cucumber flavor, and is highly tolerant to low temperature and weak light. It is also highly resistant to cucumber’s major leaf diseases such as downy mildew and powdery mildew.


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Weight 4.5 g