Chive Roots Snow King (US Only)


Order includes 10 healthy and strong roots, 8 months to one year young roots. We only ship roots in US.



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Order includes 10+ healthy and strong roots, 8 months to one year young roots. They will grow fast and multiply well. When you receive the roots, break them into smaller clusters (~3 plants each). Plant them about ~1 ft apart. If temperature in winter drops to lower than 15F, you can grow the chive in a pot and keep it indoor. Transplant them outdoor in spring time when weather gets warm.


This Chinese chive has very good resistance to cold weather and diseases. Plant is ~60 cm tall, grows in cluster. It grows fast with meaty and tender green leaves. Leaf is 1.5 cm wide. One of the widely grown variety. Very productive. Great options for cold areas.


Please note, due to size and weight of the chive roots, they do not count towards the $50 free shipping total.

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