Celery Season Solid


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About 80 days from transplanting to harvest. Plant is upright and compact. 80 cm tall. Vivid green leaves. Light green solid stem. Very crispy and juicy with little fiber. It has good tolerance to low temperature and warm temperature and bolts very late. Little diseases problem. Productive.

原种引自美国,经多年选育而成,定植后80天左右收获。植株长势强直立紧凑, 株高80厘米左右, 叶片鲜绿色,叶柄淡绿色,实心,有光泽,叶柄腹沟浅宽平,叶柄长40厘米以上,叶柄宽2.0厘米左右,叶柄厚1.8厘米左右,叶片含水量高。纤维含量少,质地脆嫩,耐低温,耐高温,耐抽苔,抗病性强,产量高,适宜全国各地四季栽培。

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