Cauliflower Snow King


Pack ~ 150 seeds/每包约150粒。


Medium maturity hybrid cauliflower variety, about 75 days from transplanting to harvesting. White and firm head is wrapped by inner leaves. Single head weighs ~1.5 kg. Great resistance to insects and diseases problem.

利用雄性不育系最新育成拥有自主知识产权的中熟耐热秋菜花新品种,秋季从定植到采收75天左右。花球洁白极紧实,叶直如剑内叶合抱自护球,单球重1.5公斤,采收集中,抗病抗虫,适合全国各地秋季种植 。该品种是利用雄性不育系育成纯度高达99%以上。

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Weight 5 g


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