Bottle Gourd Green Round


Pack is ~ 25 seeds/每包约25粒


This variety of bottle gourd is flat round shape. Bright green skin with white and tender flesh which is juicy and sweet. Plant is vivid and can grow well in hot and humid climate. Very productive. Round bottle gourd is more tolerant to heat than long bottle gourd.

果實為嫩綠豐滿扁圓型,皮薄肉質細緻柔軟. 味甜多汁種子最佳發芽溫度25-30℃,生長發育適應溫度為15-37℃,小苗3~5葉定植.可搭棚架或蔓地栽培,若要蒲瓜產量多,建議日落之後人工授粉果實約1斤(600g)採收最嫩也最好吃圆瓠瓜比长瓠瓜更耐热

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