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This unique “Pao Pao Qing” or Bubble Green is from Suizhou City, Hubei Province, and is one of Suizhou’s “Four Treasures of Cuisine.” Its scientific name is wrinkled leaf black and white cabbage, named “Pao Pao Qing” because of the densely bubbled dark green leaves. Suizhou’s “Pao Pao Qing” is also known as the “King of Vegetables in Winter” because it grows in winter, almost free from pests and diseases, requiring no pesticides, making it the most distinctive “green” vegetable.

The plants of this variety are upright, about 20 cm tall, and have a spread of 15 cm. The leaves are flat, with intense green to dark green bubbles, giving them a bubbly appearance. The leaves are blackish-green, entirely green, with thick and soft flesh, exhibiting strong cold resistance. The main edible part is the tender leaves, and later, the tender stems can also be consumed. The taste is fresh, sweet, tender, and refreshing. The flavor of “Pao Pao Qing” changes significantly before and after frost. After frost or snow, the leaves become even more vibrant and dark green, with enriched nutrition, resulting in a richer and fresher taste. Therefore, locals in Suizhou prefer to harvest it after a frost.

泡泡青是湖北省随州市地理标志产品,是随州的“美食四宝”之一。 其学名为皱叶黑白菜,因墨绿色的叶面鼓起密密麻麻的泡泡,故称之为“泡泡青。 随州泡泡青也有冬季蔬菜之王的美誉,因其生长在冬季,几乎没有病虫害,无需打农药,是最具特色的绿色蔬菜。


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