AG2T Cast Iron Wok for Gas Cooktop 13″ Open


light weight cast iron wok;

13″ (32 cm) open diameter

~ 5″ diameter flat bottom

Hieght 9.3 cm (3.6″)

weigh about 4 lbs (~1.8 kg)


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This is a light weighted non-coated cast iron wok. It is polished ultra smooth inside out, pre-seasoned at very high temperature in facility for good rust and scratch resistance. Wok body designed for the most practical shape: Nice and smooth transition from wall to bottom to make stirring and turning over food so effortless and efficient; A small flat bottom allows the wok sit on a flat surface steadily; Beautiful and comfortable solid wooden handle is removable. This wok weighs about 4 pounds, much lighter than traditional cast iron wok, and heavier than thin carbon steel wok which allows even heat distributions. Like other cast iron cookware, this wok has porous micro structure which will allow oil and flavor penetration and generate a natural non-stick film (patina). This is a wok you can trust and use for many years. The more and longer it is used, the better it performs.  We have been selling this pre-seasoned cast iron wok for several years and received very good feedback.


这款锅是轻薄型的无涂层铸铁炒锅,小底,煤气灶专用,总重在1.7 kg左右。相对于传统的铸铁锅轻了约一半,比铁皮锅重一些,所以会很耐用,受热更均匀。锅体经过四套抛光工艺,非常光滑;工厂经过高温煅烧,表面氮氧化形成灰黑色,可以有效防锈和耐刮。锅体曲线流畅,从锅壁到锅底自然过渡,翻炒很顺手;锅底为小平底,可以稳稳当当地放在平面上;锅柄为大方舒服的实木,可以拆下来。铸铁锅在铸造过程中,内部形成很多微孔结构,在开锅和日常使用过程中, 食物的香味和油脂会渗入到这些微孔里,让锅有“锅气”和天然的不沾效果。

Additional information

Weight 1758 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in