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AG2T Website Update!

Update on Feb. 17 2020

Payment with PayPal and Debit/Credit card is working properly now.

Still working on adding more products and information. Thank you for your patience and support.


We are updating our website to simplify and make it easier to navigate and faster to load. While we are doing this some products may temporarily not be available. Previous account information has also been removed, and will need to be re-entered if you wish to have an account.

There is some problems checking out with credit/debit card now. We will need to work with PayPal to resolve this issue tomorrow when PayPal supports return back to work.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

39 thoughts on “AG2T Website Update!

  1. Nice update to your website, simple & clean!

  2. I had just been to your previous website on 021320. I placed an order for pruners and chives. That website showed that you were processing my order; this morning nothing, I couldn’t find your website. I’m glad to have relocated you. Your new page seems more user frindly. I’ve enjoyed your video with John Koehler. Keep up your good work!
    Plan to order from you again. I live at the tip of south Texas, hot and arid.

    1. Hi Raul,
      Thank you very much for your support!
      We had been thinking to rebuild our website to make it simpler and more efficient. Did not plan to wipe off the old one … I made a mistake and have been working whole day and night to build this new one. I know gardeners are getting seeds to new growing year…
      Will upload more products and fill up more product information, as well as some more touch on the look.
      I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Received an error message when trying to pay

    1. Hi Grace,
      I will need to work with PayPal to see how to resolve this problem, tomorrow when they are back to work.
      I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    2. Hi this is Nasrin,
      I like in Boston, I want to order some seeds like as water spinach, malaber spinach, cilantro, long been, fuzzy melon and more. How about paying system can you tell me pls? And how many days need to delivery after place the order.


      1. Hi Nasrin,
        You can add items you want to buy in cart and check out per instruction.
        We accept Pay Pal payment, credit/debit card or check payment. You can choose payment method when you check out.

  4. Hi, Is it possible you can add the name of the seeds in both English and Chinese? It would be easier for me to identify the seeds I like to buy. Thank you. Sue

    1. Chinese names will be carried into order and will cause errors when order is placed.
      I do add Chinese description in each product.

  5. 希望从你那里买些蔬菜种子,
    请问你现在网站里的每个蔬菜名称下的价格$1.99,这 是蔬菜种子的价格,还是每一颗蔬菜的价格?
    如果$1.99 是蔬菜的价格,请问如何在你的网站上买蔬菜种子?


    1. 1.99美元时一包种子的价格。每包种子所含有的种子大概数目在产品说明里面有哦。

  6. 请问你的网上卖的蔬菜都是有机蔬菜吗?


    1. 我们的蔬菜种子都是进口的,主要是中国大陆和台湾的种子。都是非转基因,但是不是有机认证的种子。

  7. Hi Regine,
    Thank you for your work in updating the website! There is a lot of work to do. I like your new website. It looks clearer and easier to find information. I also like your old website. Because it contains a lot of detailed information about the product, including how to grow vegetables and instructional videos. They are very helpful. I usually check this information before planting a backyard garden. Thank you! If you can keep the old content and videos of your products on the new website, that will be great! I think that’s helpful.

    By the way, is my old account lost? I have to create a new account, right? I logged into your new website with my email and username, but it didn’t recognize my old password. I cannot change a new password. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

    1. Hi Junxian,
      More information will be added to new website.
      The videos are still available on our YouTube channel. We are making more soon.
      Right now we are working on building vegetable garden in our farm.
      Thank you very much for your support.

  8. 如果配上中文和英文的种子名字就太完美了。英文名字看了半天也没确定是否是要买的种子,只有看图片猜测。一点小建议。

    1. 产品名字里没办法加中文,订单生成的时候会产生乱码,导致订单下不了。

  9. 你好,我前两天下单了,后来才发现费用扣的是美元,请问你们是在美国发货吗?最近碰到中没边界关闭,快递是否能顺利运过来?

    1. 快递应该没问题的,usps接收了。等等看,到时候送不到我会给你退款或再寄一次的。

  10. Hi.Do you still have Asian egg plant seed for sell?Do you have finger root for sell?

    1. Yes I do. I will add them right away.

  11. Aloha from Hawaii. I hope that you are still able to fill seed orders. I need the food. Are you still shipping seed orders?

    1. Yes USPS is still taking packages so we are still sending orders.

  12. Hi Regine,

    I really like your videos. Just put an order for the seeds, but haven’t received any confirmation email yet. Want to check with you if the order is accepted. My order number is 1109. I live in Arizona, and how soon I except the lovely seeds?

    Thank you

    1. Your order 1109 was sent out already.
      Thank you very much for you support.

  13. Hi 您好,我住在罗德岛,能不能请您根据我这里的天气给点建议具体买店里的哪一种种子。下面是我想要的品种:


    1. Qin你好!

  14. 你好, 可以寄到加拿大吗?

    1. 加拿大可以的,不过运费统一收10美元哦。usps运一个厚信封到加拿大要收至少11美元。

  15. When will u have bitter melon seed so I can start to order all my seeds?

    1. Yes I have some. I will post it today.

  16. I enjoyed watching your video with John Kohler. In that video, you recommended Chinese long bean, green bean and lettuce for beginners. Could you tell me specifically which bean varieties? There are quite a wide selection in your store. I need to grow many beans to supply nitrogen for corn and food (eaten raw; I’m raw vegan) this spring/summer. Looks like you’re out of stock for Chinese lettuce, no? Xie Xie! –Martin

    1. Any variety is fine to try. Their growing habit is very similar.
      Long bean is more heat resistant than green bean.
      Chinese lettuce is also called Celtuce. We have it in stock.

  17. 兔妈你好,我刚以游客的身份下了笔订单,订单号是1181 ,只是我想回头去重新确认一下我的收货地址时发现找不到了,不知道你们是否能收到?

    1. 订单已经收到了,会尽快发出去的,谢谢你的支持

  18. 你好,



    1. 一般是3~4天

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